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DATE Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:55:36 CST
NAME Fiaz Mirza

Dear Sir,
I am referring to my conversation wirh MR. Sun at the Embassy of the republic of China in Norway, I am doing Master of Management at BI-Handelshøyskolen in Oslo,Norway. due to my project about the Chinese Pharmaceutical Market.
I need the following information as much as possible to help do my case study:- I would like to have 5 names, addresses, telephone-number and fax-number of Medicine institutes in china. I also would be grateful to you, if you could help me out finding some information about to following topics: a) The rules and regulations on the Pharmaceutical Markets. b) The (patent) rights to production and use of the Medicine, i.e. the rules and regulations of the governing body.
c) The expenditure on the Pharmaceutical Products / Market. d) Who controls the type and use of Medicine in its concentration and procedure. e) Information on the use and productivity of the MR ( Magnetic Resonance) contrast media within the Chinese Market.
f) The address and contact name, number of the main Medical centre of research and implementation. g) Further contacts and address of Names, places whereby I could obtain further information and any further question that I may in completing my research on the Chinese Market. I would also be grateful to you if you could send me more information about daeth ratio of -- Liver, Angiography, Cardiology and Tumour in China. Thank you very much for your help, as I am very much grateful and look forward to meeting with you in person. As I very much appreciate the help and time you have spent in gaining the information that I require for the successful completion of my project.
Regards, Fiaz Mirza
Fiaz Mirza
Stiger Bakken 7
1349 Rykkinn

DATE Mon, 22 Feb 1999 02:59:31 CST
NAME Yu Jing

I am a person from Wuhan,though I am studying overseas. I once was very interested in HBMU when I was in High school. A nice thing is that I found your website and I can oversee your institution.
There is a suggestion for you:
You could open a free chatline among students on the website so that they also have chances to introduce their own school in public as well as improving their English communication
Do you think it's rather a effective way ?
Anyway,best regards to you all.
See you then.

DATE Sat, 12 Jun 1999 16:34:30 CDT

'99 International Symposium on Aging and Antiaging Science & Technology (with EXHIBITION)
September 8-12, 1999 Beijing, China
Scientific Sessions
1. Biological Science
2. Clinical & Experimental Medicine
3. Health Care for the Elderly
4. Traditional Chinese Medicine in Aging & Antiaging
Invited Speakers:
I. Biological Sciences
Prof. Hajime Orimo, Japan
# Osteoporosis - - - -Update
*Dr. Dazhong Yin, Sweden
# Free Radical, Non-enzymatic Glycosylation & Lipofuscin
Prof. Zong-Yu Zhang and Tan-Jun Tong: Beijing, China
# Progress in Research on Molecular Mechanisms of Aging
Dr. Xu Song, Beijing, China
# The Demonstration of the Thesis of Nonenzymatic Glycosylation Inducing Aging
*Prof. Ayala Hochman, Tel Aviv, Isreal,
£¿ # Overview of Free Radicals and Neurodegenerative diseases * Dr. Ron Kohen, Jerusalem, Israel
# Reducing Equivalents in the Aging Process
Prof. Beka Solomon: Tel Aviv, Isreal
# Therapeutic Antibodies, a New Approach in Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
Prof. Wen-Bin Li, Beijing, China
# Aging-mimetic effect of D-galactose and its Mechanism
Dr. Zhong-Ming Wen, Suzhou, China
Study of Aging Model in Rats
Prof. Biansheng Liu, Wuhan, China
# The Relationship of Nutrition and Aging
Prof. Anna Xue, Beijing, China
# Study on the Induction of Apoptosis by Superoxide Anion and Inhibition Effect of Antioxidant Nutrient
Dr. Andrey I. Sukhodub, Kharkiv, Ukraine
# Hypothetical Mechanism of Benzene Membrane Damage Action on the Liver Microsomers£¨£¿£© from Different Age Rats
Prof. Ke-ji Chen, Beijing, China
# Chinese Medicine and Health Preserving
Dr. Cai-min Xu, Beijing, China
# The Changes of Membrane Lipids and Proteins in the Aging Process of Erythrocytes
Dr. Ping Wang, Wuhan, China
# Theoretical and Experimental Research on the Relationship Between Excessive Intake of Fat-sweet Food and Senility
II. Geriatrics
*Prof. David J.E.Callaway, New York, USA
# Molecular Model of Alzheimer Amyloid Fibril Formation
Prof. Rui Han, Beijing, China
# Recent Progress of Anticancer Drugs Originated From Plants in China Prof. Shu-Li Sheng, Beijing, China
# Advance in Pathogenic Mechanism of Alzheimer’s Disease
Prof. Yong-Jie Li, Beijing, China
# Progress in Surgical Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
Dr. Jinghe Li, Pharmacia & Upjohn, USA
# A New Twist in Alzheimer Presenilins
Prof. Geng-tao Liu, Beijing, China
# Protective Action of the Extract of Gingko Biloba (EGb761) Against Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein-induced Damage of Endothelial Cells of New
Born Calf Aorta.
Dr. Shi-xin Jin, Beijing, China
# The Osteoporosis of Aged Male --74 Case Analysis
Prof. Yong-xing Ma, Shanghai, China
# Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in the Aged and Preaged : Comprehensive Mechanism and Intervention
Prof. Zhu-fang Shen, Beijing, China
# The Hypoglycemic Effects of a Chinese Traditional Medicine (S 2), One of the Glucosidase Inhibitors
Dr. Chun-qiang Guo, Beijing, China
# Effects of 9804 on Learning and Memory of Mice
Dr. Ying Wang, Beijing, China
# Investigation of 9804 on Some Amino Acids in Brain of Mice Dr. Jiang-guo Chen, Nanjing, China
# Studies on the Relationship between the Oxidatively Modified Low Density Lipoprotein and the Aging of the Myocardial and Renal Cells in Ovariectomized Rhesus Monkey.
Dr. Huaxi Xu, New York, USA
# Cell Biology of Alzheimer’s Disease: Mechanism for Beta-amyloid Generation and Regulation
Dr. Lan Sun, Beijing, China
# Effects of Coryfolia Extract in Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis Dr. Feng-hua Liu, Beijing, China
# The Neuprotective Effect of Estrogen and Antioxidants Against Beta-amyloid Peptides(25-35) Induced Toxicity in Cultured Neuron Cells Dr. Wei Wang, Beijing, China
# Research Report on Behavior and Therapeutic Mechanism of Alzheimer’s-type Dementia Induced in Mice by Centrally Administered Beta-amyloid Peptides
Yan Chen, Beijing, China
# Therapeutic Effects of 764-3 on Alzheimer’s-type Dementia Induced in Rats by Centrally Administered Beta-amyloid Peptides
Dr. Mengen Zhang, Beijing, China
# Prevention and Therapeutic Effects of BuShenHuoXueFang on Ischemia-type Dementia in Mice
Hu Zhu, Beijing, China
# Combined Monitoring of CEA and TSA Value in Early Diagnosis of Lung cancer
III. Traditional Chinese Medicine in Treatment of Diseases in the Elderly Dr. Jia-shi Zhu, California, USA
# The Effect of Chinese Anti-aging Food/drug Corcyceps (CordyMaxTM Cs-4) Improves Steady Bio-energy Status in Mouse Liver
Prof. Jun-tian Zhang, Beijing, China
# Study on the Antiaging Effect of Ginsenoside Rg1 and Rb1
Prof. Junda Liu, Beijing, China
# Modulate effect of Chinese Herbs on Immune Function of Lymphocytes in the Elderly
Prof. Chunsheng Li, Beijing, China
# Status of a Decade of Study on Anti-senility Drugs by Applying Life-experiment and Senile Animal Model in China
Zhi-xin Li, Beijing, China
# Comparative Study on Modulating Effects of Different Kidney-Supplementing Spleen-vigorating Stasis-Removing Decoctions on Immune Function and Free Radical Metabolism in Old Mice
Prof. Zhi-qui Wu, Beijing, China
#1. Molecular Study of Crystalline Modification for Preventing Senile Cataract with Chinese Herbs of Tonifying Kidney and Supplementing Blood #2. A Study of Antiaging by Chinese Medicine Herbs of Tonifying Kidney and Nurishing Blood from the View of TCM theory.
Dr. Guan-hua Du and Yong-hong Chen, Beijing, China
# Effects of Salvianolic acid B on the Functions of Brain Mitochondria in Aging Mice
Prof. Lin Li, Beijing, China
# Effects of Chinese Herbs on dementia-like animal Models and Cell Models Prof. Jin-Zhou Tian, Beijing, China
#1. The Influence of Compound Fhubarb Preparation on ChAT, AChE Activities and Ach Content of Aged Mice’s Cerebral Cortex and Hippocampus.
or #2. Neuropsychological Findings Preceding Alzheimer’s dementia in English Individuals with Cognitive Impairment.
#3. Research into the Treatment for Vascular Dementia in China Using Traditional Chinese Therapies
Dr. Jiansheng Li, Zhengzhou, China
# Effect of Daihuang Zhechong Pill of TCM on Kidney TXB2 and 6-Keto-PGF12 of
Patients with Early-Stage Diabetic Nephropathy in the Aged. Exhibition
The companies engaged in producing the instruments or reagents that may facilitate the antiaging researches are welcomed and encouraged to exhibit their high-tech products. For whose interested in the exhibition, please contact us at your earliest convenience.
Antiaging Science & Technology Society£¬ Gerontological Society of China Organizers
Antiaging Science & Technology Society , Gerontological Society of China China International Symposium Center for Sciences and Technology (CICCST) Supporters
Gerontological Society of China
Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology, Peking Union Medical College, Chinese Academy of medical Sciences
Beijing Hospital and Gerontological Research Institute
(to be continued)
BILONG Academic Events
Add: 8 Nan Er Jie, Zhong Guan Cun, Beijing 100080, China
Box: P.O. Box 8734, Beijing 100080, China
Tel: 86-10-6256-0561, 6256-2226 Ext 211, 800-810-0797
Fax: 86-10-6253-2114

DATE Tue, 24 Aug 1999 12:02:40 -0700

Hi, everyone!

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