Hubei Medical University Overseas Alumni Association Bylaw

Jan. 2, 1997: First draft by Yidao CAI
Apr. 8, 1997: Last revision by Zhi-Ming Zheng

Chapter 1 Name, Nature and Purpose

1.1. The name of the Association is "湖北医科大学海外校友会" or in English, "Hubei Medical University Overseas Alumni Association" (HBMUOAA).

1.2. HBMUOAA is a non-profit, non-political, mutual-aid and independent organization formed on Feb. 1, 1997 by the overseas alumni of Hubei Medical University (HBMU) in Wuhan, Hubei, China.

1.3. The purpose of HBMUOAA is to promote communication and information exchange among its members; to protect the interests of its members; to establish and strengthen connections between the alumni and the Alma Mater; and to help each other with professional, business and other career developments.

Chapter 2 Membership

2.1. HBMUOAA consists of regular, special, and honorary members. Any individul who has studied, worked, or lived in HBMU, Hubei Medical College or Hubei Provincial Medical College, may become a regular member of HBMUOAA if he or she accepts this Bylaw. Other individuals who have had relationships with HBMU may become special members. Honorary members shall be those who are neither HBMU graduates nor HBMU faculty and staff, but have had a close relationship with HBMU and have received a honorary professorship from HBMU. Both special and honorary members shall be named and approved by the Organizing Committee.

2.2. There is no membership fee. However, any contribution to HBMUOAA is tax-deductable in the US.

Chapter 3 Organization

3.1. HBMUOAA has an Organization Committee which sets forth the policies of the Association in accordance with the Bylaw. This Committee is the highest authority of the Association.

3.2. The members of the Organization Committee are selected from this alumni community by taking account of its geographical distribution and will be re-elected every two years. The new Committee takes the office on January 1 and ends its duties on December 31 after its two-year term.

3.3. The Committee consists of four executive officers and five counsilors. The executive officers are Chair, Chair-Elect who will take the chair position for next term, Associate Chair (Treasurer) and Secretary. The Committee takes care of the daily adminstrative duties of the Association, which includes but is not limited to

3.4. The Chair, Associate Chair, and Secretary may appoint Directors assisting with specific duties. The Directors may or may not be members of the Organization Committee.

Chapter 4 Finance

4.1. The Association welcomes donations from members or organizations.

4.2. The Treasurer will report each year the HBUMOAA income and its spending to all members. The fiscal term budget should be discussed and approved by HBMUOAA Committee members.

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