HBMU Overseas Alumni Association Established

From: Zhengt@dce41.nci.nih.gov  Wed Feb  5 18:05:08 1997
To: Yidao Cai 
Subject: HBMU Alumni Association
Hi, Yidao,

I was glad to hear you back to the States safely! We had a meeting at Dr. Ye Shuiqing's house in Baltimore on Feb. 1, 1997 and formally established our Alumni Association on that day! It was to my surprise after four such historic meetings that everyone in the party was very supportive and voted for it. I originally thought that we might need to set a scheduled date on the matter but instead we don't need it anymore! Attached are the first term HBMUAAO officers elected during the party which will take part in its duty for next two years.

We also scheduled our first alumni gathering party on coming Chinese Dragon festival at a park between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. The exact party spot will be located before the event takes place. Meantime, Drs. Kang Xiaoqiang and Tian Hongsheng are preparing a brief news for local Chinese newspaper. In addition, I will fax a note to Hubei Medical University on HBMUAAO establishment. Although the draft bylaw looks good, we may need to put more work on its final version including the founding history (Web page plus several historic gathering meeting here since 1995) before we can put it on our Web page. Happy Chinese New Year!


Zhi-Ming Zheng

Attendees of Dr. Ye Shuiqing's Alumni Party on Feb. 1, 1997

     Kang Xiaoqiang          NCI/NIH
     Li Qing                      NICHD/NIH
     Liu Zhifang                 University of Maryland
     Ren Ke                      University of Maryland
     Tao Shiying                Naval Medical Research Institute
     Tian Hongsheng          NIDR/NIH
     Ye Shuiqing                John Hopkins University
     Zhang Liqin                John Hopkins University
     Zheng Zhi-Ming           NCI/NIH
     Zou Shiping                University of Maryland
     He Peijun                   University of Maryland
     Wang Yanlin               John Hopkins University
     Tu Jiancheng              John Hopkins University

Members were not in the party:

     Chen Huaxian             NIA/NIH
     He Xinjun                   NIDR/NIH
     Liu Yahong,               GTI
     Meng Xiangjin             NIAID/NIH
     Shang  Shizhang         Geogetown University
     Wu Xiaozai                  NIDDK/NIH