WUSMOAA 2004 Leader Team

Dear WUSMOAA Alumni:

It is an extreme honor for me to be the new President of WUSMOAA (year 2004) . I accepted this honor with pressure and anxious, because 1)so many of our previous WUSMOAA presidents did a lot of great job ahead of me;2) a lot of WUSMOAA Alumni will be more qualify than me for this position. Please treat me as a coordinator and a “bridge” between you and school and other alumni, let all of us share some interesting news, and your achievements!

During my tenure, I will do my best to keep the ball rolling, and let more and more our colleagues, friends knows our school well, we are gathering for the name of WUSMOAA !

Many thanks for our former President Kang,Xiaqiang’s, who set up a “mapping Road” agenda for us , I ask all previous Council Committee members plus new blood stay with me in this term , to make some of these agenda become a real story!

Best regards,

Shen Zhong

President of WUSMOAA (year 2004)

WUSMOAA Year 2004 Officers committee has been established

President: Zhong, Shen (Maryland, USA)
Vice President: Feng, Ying Hong (Maryland, USA)
President-Elect: Li, Cheng-fu (St. Louis, USA)
Communication Director: Cai, Yidao (Houston, USA)

Council Members
Kang, Xiaoqiang (New York, USA)
Du, Jinlin (New York, USA)
Liu, Yu (Japan)
Liu, Xuefeng (Washington DC, USA)
Sha, Jian (Houston, USA)
Tan, Zhengjun (Detroit, USA)
Wu, Dongcheng (Toronto, Canada)
Yang, Lin (San Francisco, USA)
Zhang, Xiangming (Australia)
Yuan, Jizhou(Maryland, USA)