Message from HBMUOAA president: 2001 Officers

>Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 00:28:16 -0500
>From: J.C. Tu <>

Dear Dr. Cai,
I am sending you our new administrative list or my "Cabinet". For some
reason, I am running late. Please post it. Thank you very much.


My Dear Fellow Alumni:

As you might have already known, Our Hubei Medical University Overseas Alumni Association has been established for 5 years now. The hot ball has been kicked from Zhi-Ming Zheng, then to Ke Ren and Shuiqing Ye, now to me. The three former president are established scientists and they have done a great job to established and expanding our association with the support of all of our fellow alumni. I noticed that no matter how hard I try, there is no way I can get close even to their shoulder unless I buy a ladder and climb to. So my goal is to keep the ball moving and also try to make our association functional as a bridge links our overseas alumni to our beloved mother university and link all alumni together.

I was lucky to be one of the first members and I have enjoyed very much to be a member, to get chance to communicate with teachers and friends. It's my turn to serve our association, I will devote my time and my effort to make our association more attractive, more helpful and stronger. It's my dream to see a strong "Hubei Medical University" and strong "Alumni association". I think these are also everybody's wishes too.

To strength and to expand our association we need everybody's support and help I welcome your suggestion, advise, appreciate your trusting and supporting.

The following personnel will serve our alumni association in current term (for year 2001):

Xiaoqiang and I wish that everybody have a wonderful year 2001 and get rich quick(Hope not from Bush's tax reduction plan lol).

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