New Officers for HBMUOAA

Hi, everybody:

Happy Spring Festival!

I am forwarding to you Dr. Ren's message regarding the new term of our alumni association. Please note that Dr. Ren Ke is now the president of our organization and Dr. Ye Shuiqing will be the president next year.

Dr. Zheng Zhimin, the president for the past two years, and the past term officiers, have done a wonderful job and their service to our organization will be remembered. I personally enjoyed working with everybody.

Best regards,

Yidao Cai

>From: "kren"
>Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:59:24 -0500
>Subject: HBMU Alumni Association
Hi, Yidao,

Happy New Year!

The following is the list of HBMUAAO officers for the 1999 term.

As we discussed at our last gathering, we agree to change the two-year term for the officers to one year. I hope this will make our organization more active. Please make appropriate changes to our bylaw.

I wish all have a successful year and please keep us informed of any news about our alumni.


K. Ren